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mayo 19, 2006

Flash, AJAX, WinFX and the importance of experience

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“[…] in the next couple of years, as more and more normal users start using
the web to store data, find friends and interact with data, it won’t be
able to compete with WinFX and Flex because people will demand more
from their web applications. If the “live web” is the internet of
today, the “experiential web” will be the internet of tomorrow.”


mayo 13, 2006

New connection maná for Flex2b3, amfphp & Cairngorm2b3

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Please, visit the updated page of Renaun at:

Thanks a lot for that fine work, Renaun!

mayo 12, 2006

Actualización a Flexb3 y cairngorm2b3

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Problemas al actualizar:

Actualmente estoy buscando un sustituto a esta clase. No se encuentra en el actual framework.
mx.messaging.messages.AbstractMessage seems the nearest class

ResultEvent(result:Object, token:AsyncToken, message:Message)

changed to:

public function ResultEvent(type:String, bubbles:Boolean = false, cancelable:Boolean = true, result:Object = null, token:AsyncToken = null, message:IMessage = null)


import flash.util.trace Ya no hace falta. ( Moved the trace method to the unnamed package so no import is required.)

Sources currently looking on:

mayo 10, 2006

mapping with amfphp

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AMFPHP class mapping

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Passing VO’s between tiers..

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